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Family Support

Our family support services are designed to assist young people who are at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness.

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Isolation can have ongoing negative effects and is something we try to reduce as much as possible at Frontyard.

Studies prove that keeping family connections open can help prevent young people from entering the cycle of homelessness.

We work with young people to maintain connections with the community and family wherever possible.

By strengthening these bonds and opening doors, we hope to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and see more young people living happily in secure homes.

Family Reconciliation Mediation Program (FRMP)

FRMP is a state-wide service assisting young people to improve relationships with family and significant others.

Through the allocation of funding and assistance of a support worker, a range of services can be accessed, including:

  • family therapies
  • mediation
  • individual counselling
  • respite

The service is available throughout Victoria and open to people 16 to 25 years of age.

Find out more about FRMP on the Family Reconciliation Mediation Program page.


We offer early intervention programs aimed at preventing homelessness.

One such program is Melbourne Gateway Reconnect.

This program supports young people to improve communication, engagement and connectedness with family, education/training, work and the broader community.

Our team can provide case management and advocacy support. We can also help with referrals to health care providers, Department of Health and Human Services Centrelink, legal and other community-based services.

Reconnect is provided to people aged between 12 and 18 and connected to Melbourne CBD in some form, such as through family or school. We can support people aged up to 21 from a culturally and linguistically diverse background who have arrived in Australia in the last 5 years.

Contact a Reconnect Worker on 03 9977 0077 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss referrals to this program.

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