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Donate in honour

Sometimes the best way to honour a person is by helping others in their name.

Whether it’s celebrating a special event or commemorating the life of a loved one, MCM can help you make a difference to the lives of many.

Every gift, great and small, goes towards creating a brighter future for disadvantaged people in Victorian communities.

Donate in memory

Honour a loved one in a special way and provide support to people in need. Donations in memory can be made using our online form — please name the person you are commemorating and their next of kin. We’ll then inform the next of kin about the money raised in honour of their loved one.

Donate now

Funeral Collections

Funeral collections can also be organised through a funeral director. We can provide special donation envelopes for the day and provide a letter and receipt to each person who makes an in-memoriam donation. An acknowledgement letter and the names of people who donate is sent to the family.

While flowers might last a few days, the impact of your donation can last a lifetime. Your gift will be used to support our vital work in the community.

Donate in celebration

What better way to celebrate a momentous occasion than by helping bring some light and support into people’s lives?

Asking for donations in lieu of gifts is a great way to raise awareness and much needed funds to the vital work we do in the community.

If you're donating online, please list the event that you’re celebrating, and the name and address of the person who is celebrating the event. We’ll let you know the overall amount of money that has been raised.

Donate now


You can help make a difference by requesting donations for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas events, house warmings and more. Each donation goes towards helping a person in need.

Need further information on making donations in lieu of flowers or gifts?

Please get in touch with our team on 1300 364 507 or contact

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