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The PwC team at Sleep At The 'G

Business partners


  • Looking to give back and be a part of something great?
  • We’re on the search for corporate partners who are passionate about creating positive change.

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program can transform your business

A partnership with MCM is more than just a way to support people in need — although that’s as good a reason as any! By partnering with us, you’ll also be making incredible changes to your business.

What’s in it for you

While helping us change the lives of thousands of people across Melbourne and Victoria who are experiencing disadvantage, your business will enjoy:

  • Increased staff engagement
  • A boost to staff morale
  • Savings on taxes
  • Improved brand visibility and integrity
  • Delivering on CSR

The facts


Your team can make a massive difference

By aligning your brand with MCM, you’re taking a proactive step in creating a positive future for others. Create opportunities for team building and make your employees proud to be a part of your business.

There are a number of ways to get involved and create a culture of giving in your workplace. You can:

  • Donate to our services
  • Round up a team for the annual Sleep At The 'G event each May
  • Donate pro-bono expertise such as healthcare, finance, marketing or architecture
  • Help us reach new target markets through corporate supporter/sponsorship packages
  • Get naming rights to events, programs, buildings and research
  • Get staff together for fundraising efforts
  • Give through payroll

For more information

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with MCM, please use our contact form or call 1300 364 507.

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