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Parents and carers guidance


  • We provide parent resources and support for families.
  • Meet other parents in similar situations.
  • Join parent support groups or create your own.

Your support while parenting a child with special needs

Caring for or parenting a child with special needs can add another dimension to the family dynamic.

As well as maintaining the household, keeping everyone clothed and fed, you also need to seek support for your child. This busyness of day-to-day living can mean you forget about your own needs.

We believe even the strongest arms need support sometimes.

Here at MCM, we offer a range of family support services to families with children with disability. Through our Strengthening Parents Support Program, we offer assistance to families including:

  • Parent resources, information and assistance by email or phone
  • Coaching around self-advocating
  • Information sessions
  • Monthly newsletter

Parent support groups

One of the most beneficial supports is simply knowing you are not alone, and your worries, concerns and emotions are shared by other parents too.

Having a space and opportunity to share, discuss and learn is invaluable for many families and brings us together as a stronger community.

We can provide links to parent support groups for you to join. We also provide assistance to parents who are looking to start a group of their own.

For example, you may wish to start a group close to home or one that focuses on a specific topic, area or age group.

This is a great opportunity to connect with parents in similar situations and share thoughts and ideas in a friendly setting. It may also give you solutions to problems you are experiencing.

Who is eligible?

We offer these services for parents or carers with a child with disability or global developmental delay up to 18 years of age.

Our services are offered at our Thornbury location.

For further information about what we provide

Please email the Strengthening Parents Facilitator or call 1800 343 287.

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