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Research & Policy Submissions

MCM undertakes purposeful advocacy at all levels – government, private sector and community. We work closely with the sector to advocate for positive social change.

You can read our policy and research submissions below.

There are 38 documents available to download

  • Pave the Way

    Policy Submission
    February 2024

    PDF | 1.5 MB

    Pave the Way: Investing in the Safety and Futures of the Next Generation. Strong Foundations Submission 2024.


    MCM, Berry Street Y-Change, Youth Affairs Council Victoria, RMIT University, Centre for Innovative Justice

  • Submission National Housing and Homelessness Plan 2023

    Policy Submission
    November 2023

    PDF | 2.6 MB

    MCM and MCM Housing welcome the opportunity to contribute to the development of the 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan (the Plan) and recognise the enormous opportunity it provides to achieve the changes needed to end homelessness and enshrine access to housing as a human right in Australia.


    Shorna Moore and Douschka Dobson

  • Missing Figures Report: The hidden role of domestic and family violence in youth suicide

    Research Document
    March 2023

    PDF | 786.5 KB

    In Australia the national youth suicide statistics are alarming. Suicide accounts for 38 per cent of the deaths among young people aged 15-24 years old. Understanding the factors that contribute to an increased risk of youth suicide is complex. In particular, examinations of the role of childhood experiences of (domestic and family violence) DFV as a lethality indicator remain scarce. Seeking to further current understandings of the role of DFV in youth suicide, this report presents the findings from a review of the current state of knowledge in Australia and internationally on the intersection between children and young people’s experiences of DFV, and their risk of youth suicide.


    Silke Meyer, Maria Atienzar-Prieto, Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Shorna Moore

  • MCM Federal Election Platform 2022

    Policy Submission
    April 2022

    PDF | 3.6 MB

    The isolating effect of the pandemic has been felt acutely by Australia’s young people, with lockdown and emergency measures disrupting the routines and connections that keep young people safe and engaged. Many have been exposed to increased risk of family violence, mental health pressures, school disengagement and insecure housing. The upcoming Federal Election is an opportunity to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all young people and to ensure they are not left behind as Australia recovers from COVID-19.


    Melbourne City Mission

  • MCM Submission to the Inquiry into Victoria's Criminal Justice System: First a home_Breaking the cycle between justice and homelessness

    Policy Submission
    March 2022

    PDF | 30.7 MB

    As we know at MCM, having a home is critical for people’s mental and physical health, their education and employment opportunities, and their ability to fully participate in society. This submission focuses on the interface between youth homelessness and the over representation of young people in the criminal justice system, and the distinct set of challenges that vulnerable young people face that require a differentiated response to adults. Lack of stable housing is one of the biggest factors that is driving up the number of young people and in particular young women on remand and in prison, many of these young people have experienced adverse childhood experiences including family violence and are homeless as a result. Furthermore, people without a home are at risk of spending longer periods in prison as they must have access to stable housing to get parole. MCM urges the Victorian Government to shift from a crisis investment lens to an early intervention lens funding supported medium term housing, family violence prevention and continue the focus on reforming the out of home care system.


    Dr Emma Bruce, Leanne Nicholson & Shorna Moore


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