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Living Learning - supporting young people to finish school


  • Innovative, flexible, educational program for young people enrolled in The Hester Hornbrook Academy.
  • Enhanced wraparound support for young people who experience mental health challenges.
  • Accessible to those aged 15-21 living with a mental health condition.

Living Learning is an innovative program within The Hester Hornbrook Academy that provides an even higher degree of wraparound support for young people who experience mental health challenges and have disengaged from traditional schooling. In addition to The Hester Hornbrook Academy model of student centre applied learning, Living Learning offers mental health supports and an encouraging and caring environment that supports students to work towards educational and future pathway success over a three-year learning journey.

Living Learning utilises proven elements from existing MCM programs to provide a flexible, educational program. With both a teacher and youth worker in every classroom, students are supported in all aspects of life through building strong, positive relationships.

Benefits of Living Learning

Living Learning’s flexible learning options give students the chance to:

  • Gain practical skills in a safe, respectful and productive environment
  • Engage mental health supports as and when needed
  • Pursue their own learning amongst other youth services
  • Work towards their goals in a supported way, including a senior secondary school certificate
  • Take charge of their future and gain independence.

Enrolment criteria

Students are eligible to enrol in Living Learning if they are:

  • Aged 15-21
  • Currently not in school or work, or have had low attendance (less than 10 days in the last 90 days)
  • Living with a mental health condition

Planning for pathways into further training and work will begin from day one when students have access to career planning throughout their journey. From graduation, the Hester Hornbrook Academy Alumni program will continue offering ongoing guidance, support and advice.

How can a student access this service?

Enrolments are now closed for 2023-2024. We encourage you to check the website periodically for any updates.


Please call us on 1800 517 218 or email us with your enquiry.

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