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What we do at Melbourne City Mission

Our mission

We put people first

MCM believes that all people should have every opportunity to live the life they aspire to, their way and build a future they choose.

We do our best work when.

  • We come together as one to provide integrated services that put the voices of those we support and advocate for first.
  • We focus on addressing the needs of the whole person and deliver a holistic service that achieves sustainable positive change in people’s lives.

We disrupt disadvantage

Our focus is on creating new possibilities for children, young people and adults experiencing disadvantage.

Our range of services, and our presence across Victoria continues to expand, as we identify new opportunities for positive change.

Our holistic model offers more than a quick fix

Our Healing Oriented Framework has been developed to promote the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing; cultural inclusion and ongoing safety of people in contact with MCM. We maintain a holistic view of individuals, families and communities in their ongoing process of healing.

We lead through innovation

Melbourne City Mission has been around almost as long as Melbourne itself.

Our establishment in 1854 was one of Melbourne’s earliest innovations.

We've continued to embrace innovation and creativity to meet the changing needs of our communities.

From creating Australia’s first one-stop-shop for young people experiencing homelessness, to founding a new school at the cutting edge of flexible and supportive education, innovation has always been at the core of what we do at MCM.

We raise awareness

Positive change starts with awareness and education. 

We give a voice to people who are currently facing barriers in achieving their best life, to incite positive change in the wider community.

By sharing stories, raising our voices, and encouraging people to learn about the communities around them, we hope to give everyone the chance to live their life, their way.

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