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two teenage girls and a teenage boy wearing black and white scarf sit together

Our Advocacy Priorities

Working to address systemic gaps, break down barriers and support people to achieve their best future.

MCM’s advocacy work focuses on four pillars where our voice will have the biggest impact. Addressing these areas is essential to creating social inclusion and equitable participation for young people throughout Australia.

We take an innovative approach to youth advocacy. Our priority pillars tap into the root causes preventing young people from accessing opportunities and support.

Our advocacy work is centred on creating lasting systemic change in areas of great need. We work towards a future where all young people can reach their full potential while ensuring their safety and well-being.

The below priority areas outline our focus for the immediate future. While we acknowledge the other areas in which we work that are in need of systemic change, we believe these are the areas in which we can have the greatest impact. These advocacy areas will expand and change over time, however, will always drive towards the same goal: a better future for all young Australians.

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