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A career with MCM means your part of an organisation making a difference. Inclusive and equal opportunity employer.

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Here at MCM, we’re changing lives every day – it’s our bread and butter. In short, a career with us means that you’re part of an organisation making a real difference.


  • Work with us and join a team that changes lives.
  • Make a contribution in one of our many different community services.
  • Be part of an inclusive and equal opportunity team.

We have made a commitment to implement a trauma informed healing oriented approach to service delivery across the whole organisation, to ensure all members of the organisation have a shared understanding about the prevalence and impact of trauma and traumatic stress on people’s health and wellbeing across the lifespan. 

We empower people and communities to move beyond disadvantage, and build a better life.

Our vision

The vision we work towards every day is a fair and just community, where people have equal access to opportunities and resources.

By working with us, you become part of a diverse community services team and volunteers, all working towards the same vision.

Read more about our purpose, philosophy and values.

Best of all, we're unique

We’re the only not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne that offers services in all the following areas:

MCM is an inclusive and equal opportunity employer

MCM embraces differences in gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural background, ability, religion and sexual orientation.

We know that diversity and inclusion helps us to attract, recruit, engage and retain a team of talented people.

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