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Is your child school ready?

Children participating in an early childhood intervention school readiness program 6 September 2021

Starting primary school is a big step for little children. You might have heard the term ‘school readiness’ – but what does it really mean? Many parents are having this conversation around the dinner table, particularly at this time of year, and when COVID19 has meant less time spent in a kinder or childcare environment. Parents are worried that their child may not be 'school ready' and this worry is heightened for those parents with a child who has a disability or developmental delay.

What does school readiness mean?

School readiness refers to whether a child is ready to make a smooth and successful transition into school. Sometimes a child may have to overcome challenges that may be holding them back in order to prepare them for the transition to school. This can be done in a number of ways, but predominantly focuses on:

  • Communication: listening and following instructions, asking and answering questions, having a conversation with a friend, asking for help from a teacher
  • Fine motors skills: building hand strength, manipulation of objects, cutting and pasting activities, and sequencing activities to teach children problem solving skills.
  • Emotional awareness: being able to label and understand their emotions, how to manage their emotions, developing a ‘tool kit’ of strategies to help them effectively manage their emotions.

Getting your child school ready

MCM's School Readiness Program helps children with disability or developmental delay prepare for school by building essential learning skills to support their transition. The program encourages children to increase their independence skills and confidence. This and last year have been very different with home learning in place, rather than the usual kinder program. At MCM we are still able to support your child to be ready for school, during home learning. Find out more about our Telepractice service and how we can support your child from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about our Early Childhood Intervention Services School Readiness program and whether your child can avail of a helping hand to support them in their transition to school.

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