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Youth Housing Initiative

MCM’s Youth Housing Initiative (YHI) is an innovative pilot response to the significant gap in Victoria’s support services system for young people with medium to high support needs who are experiencing homelessness.

YHI is a 4-year integrated support and housing program that aims to help young people effectively transition to adulthood and permanently exit homelessness with significant personal and economic benefits. The program builds the independence and resilience of young people to address the complex personal and structural causes of their homelessness over a sustained support period.

The focus is on enabling the young person to gain the confidence, and financial capability to exit into the private rental and away from subsidised, supported housing resulting not only in improved individual wellbeing, but also significant government savings.

Homelessness is not a choice

Young people do not choose to become homeless. For many, the daily reality and burden of family violence, abuse, neglect, mental illness, substance abuse, unemployment, gambling, and the disadvantages of poverty force them to flee the family home in search of a safer option.

Housing data

Based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2021 Census homelessness data, 23% of Australia’s homeless or 28,204 young people aged 12-24 don’t have a safe or secure place to call home. Of these, 7,628 young people are experiencing homelessness in Victoria – most of whom are in Melbourne. In one of the world’s most liveable cities, this is unacceptable. Young people experiencing homelessness are often hidden from view, sleeping on couches, in cars, refuges or in overcrowded houses.

The solution

The three pillars of the YHI model are housing, therapeutic support and personal development.  

We recognise that we cannot do this alone.

As a for-purpose organisation, MCM requires significant financial investment from government, philanthropists, and individuals to start this positive ripple effect with lasting systemic change for those whose lives will be positively impacted and the broader community.

The YHI has been established to address a chasm in youth homeless services. It will deliver both individual positive pathways as well as significant long-term economic benefits. After conducting our own due diligence, we have personally committed to supporting this important initiative and we encourage you to do the same. We know MCM’s innovative pilot program will positively transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable young people in our community and know that immediate action is required. MCM are experts in youth homelessness and have framed this model with a deep understanding of the complexity of support needed to tackle and restore the rights of all young people who have endured significant trauma to have a safe place to call home. We encourage you to join us and support MCM’s pilot Youth Housing Initiative.


Our vision is bold, and it needs to be. Young people entering our services have been exposed to significant traumas such as family violence, abuse, and neglect during the early years of their lives. This impacts their mental health, brain development and ability to make social and community connections. We know that positive societal change has at its core a combination of human insights and research-based evidence. Only then can we create new and innovative solutions that disrupt systems to ultimately empower and enhance young people’s lives. MCM’s Youth Housing Initiative pilot program will work beside disadvantaged youth to enable them to live independently.

Vicki Sutton - mcm Chief executive officer

Sincere Gratitude to our Philanthropic Partners

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We invite you to be curious and seriously consider supporting MCM’s Youth Homelessness Initiative Pilot Program.


Renae Johnston
General Manager – Philanthropy and Partnerships
Mobile: 0418 554 006

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