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Occupational Therapy Week

MCM Child Occuptional Therapist 21 October 2020

MCM is proud to celebrate National Occupational Therapy Week (26 October-1 November 2020) and thanks all our wonderful occupational therapists who are instrumental in supporting so many children to meet important milestones in their life.

This year’s theme is Resilience: Supporting our communities to rebuild, recover and reengage. This year the event not only shines a spotlight on the value of occupational therapy in our communities, but also serves as a call to support those hit hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At MCM’s Early Childhood Intervention Services, we have a wonderful team of Child Occupational Therapists. Our Occupational Therapists work with children aged 0-7 with disability or developmental delays, to support them in achieving their key developmental milestones – vital in the early stages of life.

What does a Child Occupational Therapist do?

Sometimes we need a little help to put all the pieces together. An Occupational Therapist supports children to develop the skills required to do the things they need to do, or to help put all the pieces together. Occupation refers to anything you do, such as getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, and going to school. Therapy for children with developmental delay is play-based and involves games, stories, physical activities and most importantly, entering the world of the child.  At MCM, our child occupational therapists follow best practice by working with children in their natural environments to better engage how they are participating at home, school, kinder and childcare environments.

Occupational Therapists also work largely with the family and primary caregivers of the children, to support them in understanding how they can best support their child.

How has MCM’s Occupational Therapists adapted during COVID-19?

Here at MCM, our wonderful team of Occupational Therapists have done an incredible job supporting families in their shift to Telehealth services, to ensure they transition smoothly to the new virtual service offering. In the virtual Telehealth sessions, our Occupational Therapists work either directly with the children or guide parent’s involvement to ensure the children are remaining engaged and are getting the most out of these virtual sessions as possible. Although the shift to telehealth is not suited to everyone, our therapists have seen a wonderful uptake of clients booking in these virtual sessions.

Meet one of our Occupational Therapists

Samara, pictured above, is one of MCM's Early Childhood Intervention Occupational Therapists. Samara’s role with MCM involves working with families of children who have delays in their development or a disability. Her day-to-day activities involve visiting several children in a day in different settings whether it be at home, school, or over telehealth during COVID. She also provides guidance to parents and caregivers to equip and empower them so they can support their child to meet their goals. Samara also makes sure she catches up with colleagues to discuss how they can improve their services and outcomes. Below, Samara speaks on why she loves her job and why child occupational therapy is so valuable.

It’s really important for people to feel and be empowered to do the things that are important to them. Seeing children grow and achieve their goals is rewarding as a therapist and for our families as well.

Samara, early childhood intervention services occupational therapist

Thank you to Samara and the entire team of Occupational Therapists at MCM for all the wonderful work they do.

For more information about our child occupational therapy, speech pathology services or any of our early childhood intervention services, call our friendly team on 1800 343 287 or send us an enquiry.

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