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COVID-19: New measures now in place for care facilities

9 April 2020

In-line with directions from the Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Diseases) regarding new laws for care facilities, we are bringing the following changes into effect for our facilities immediately.

  • Residents in MCM facilities will now only be allowed to receive one visit from one family member, per day 
  • Therapists can continue to visit as per NDIS/Treatment plan
  • Both staff, contractors, and visitors will be required to fill out a wellness questionnaire (attestation) before being allowed entry to the house
  • No one should enter the house if they have a temperature over 37.5 degrees

We will be continuing to monitor signs of illness among the residents and staff.

MCM thanks both our clients and their visitors for their understanding and cooperation. 

For all up-to-date news about the impact to our services and programs, please visit

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