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Young boy doing therapeutic exercises on the floor with a female helper

Speech pathology and child occupational therapy 


  • Quality support for your child through a range of allied health therapies including speech pathology and occupational therapy.
  • Therapy that supports your child’s development and skill building.
  • We can come to your home, early learning centre or school, or you can visit our groups or centres.
  • Support your child to build their skills and confidence and work towards their goals.

Support for children with disability or developmental delay

MCM provides a range of services to support your child throughout their development.

Our range of allied therapy services are delivered by experienced practitioners in your home, your child’s learning environment or in one of our centres.

Speech therapy with an early childhood intervention client

Child Speech Therapy or Speech Pathology

Speech therapy — also known as speech pathology services — offers support for people who experience difficulties communicating or swallowing.

A child speech pathologist will work closely with your child to make an assessment and offer courses of treatment and strategies to try at home.

Speech therapy may assist your child if they experience speech and/or language difficulties, issues with their voice, stutters or problems swallowing.

Early childhood intervention client engages in occupational therapy

Child Occupational Therapy

For children, an occupational therapist looks at key developmental milestones and offers support to help achieve them.

Some examples of these milestones may be in improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Education is extended to parents and carers so they too can help facilitate learning and further development


Specialised teaching

Specialised teachers, or education specialists, have specific experience in supporting children with disability or developmental delay to participate at school.

Find out more about our School Readiness program.

You pick the place

Specialised teaching, occupational therapy, physio and speech therapy for children can be done at home or you can select another location of your choice, such as kindergarten, childcare, school, groups or centre. Note, this is dependent on the COVID-19 restrictions at the time. All therapies listed above can be provided via telepractice services.

Therapy can be funded by your child’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or Department of Education and Training (DET) funding.

To learn more about these services by MCM please contact our friendly Central Support Team on 1800 343 287 or send us an enquiry below.


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