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MCM is a leader in the early intervention space and a main priority for us is to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place.

To achieve this, we offer proactive services aimed at keeping young people with families (when possible) or in other stable accommodation.

We work towards pathways that keep young people at home by offering a range of educational and family-orientated services.

Strengthening networks

There are instances where a young person is having trouble at home and wants to leave or has recently left and needs a secure place to live.

Our Detour program provides resources that strengthen family and social networks and provides stability through case management.

Detour can provide access to accommodation, support from youth coaches and links to other services to help clients get to where they want to be. 

Find out more about the Detour program

Strengthening family connections

Keeping families connected is one way that MCM works to prevent young people entering the cycle of homelessness.

By strengthening family bonds and keeping connections open, we divert people away from homelessness and into secure accommodation.

Avoiding out-of-home care and statutory systems

Family breakdowns can happen to anyone. In some instances, a rapid response is needed to strengthen relationships to reduce the likelihood of a young person being placed in out-of-home care.

Finding Solutions and Finding Solutions Plus are programs designed for young people and their families.

They provide case management support to help a young person remain or return to their parents when it’s safe to do so.

Parents and children are given the opportunity to identify issues and behaviours that are negatively affecting the relationship and work to resolve them.

Finding Solutions caters to people of secondary school age in the northern and western regions of Melbourne.

It helps to strengthen family relationships through:

  • the implementation of a support plan to assist in strengthening family and community relationships
  • intervention services such as mediation, counselling, outreach and recreation activities
  • access to other local support providers including financial support, accommodation, health care and education and training.

Finding Solutions Plus supports people aged 10 to 15 in the northern region of Melbourne (Yarra, Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik & Whittlesea).

This program is for adolescents who may have already had an out-of-home care placement and offers more intensive family support up to 12 months. Services also include individual and parent support as well as mediation.

Access to these programs is via referral by the DHHS Child Protection Intake team or Child First by calling the Early Intervention Duty line on 03 8311 5458, 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

Funding for family reconciliation support

The Family Reconciliation Mediation Program offers brokerage to people aged 16 to 25.

Through the allocation of funding each year, young people can access a range of supports such as family mediation, counselling, family therapies and respite.

Further information can be found on our Family Reconciliation and Mediation Program page.

Reconnecting with the community

Beyond the family, we also aim to prevent isolation from the community. Our Western Reconnect and Melbourne Gateway Reconnect programs provide support for young people to remain connected to family, school, training and their community by offering:

  • case management support
  • assistance and advocacy support around family conflict, family mediation, education, income support, accommodation, employment and conflict resolution
  • help with referrals for young people to other services such as health care providers, Department of Human Services Centrelink, legal and other community-based services within their local communities and alternative options/services for young people within their local communities

These programs are available for people aged 12 to 18. Western Reconnect is based in Braybrook and serves Maribyrnong, Brimbank and Moonee Valley and can be contacted on 03 9977 0023.

Melbourne Gateway Reconnect is based in and serves Melbourne CBD.

Referrals to these services can be accepted from young people, family members, community agencies, other Reconnect services, schools, police, Centrelink, Child First services and Child Protection services.

Education and awareness

Homelessness can affect anyone, so education and awareness in the community is an important step towards prevention.

By raising awareness and promoting the support that’s available, we hope to stop the cycle in its tracks and intervene sooner.

Education sessions with Frontyard

Frontyard Youth Services is a 24-hour crisis accommodation centre in the CBD offering trauma-informed support to people aged 12 to 25.

Passionate about raising awareness, Frontyard works with schools to educate students on homelessness.

School groups are welcome to organise an education session with Frontyard where they learn about the reality of homelessness for young people in Melbourne.  

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