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Homelessness is usually a result of other forms of disadvantage building to a crisis; family violence, abuse and mental health are the major drivers into homelessness for young people.

A main priority for MCM is to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place. To achieve this, we offer proactive services aimed at keeping young people within their family home (when possible), or in other stable accommodation.

Youth early intervention services

Finding Solutions and Finding Solutions Plus are programs designed for young people and their families.

They provide case management support to help a young person remain or return to their parents when it’s safe to do so. Parents and children are given the opportunity to identify issues and behaviours that are negatively affecting the relationship and work to resolve them.

Access to these programs is via referral by the DHHS Child Protection Intake team or Child First by calling the Early Intervention Duty line on 03 8311 5458, 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

Funding for family reconciliation support

The Family Reconciliation Mediation Program offers brokerage to people aged 16 to 25.

Through the allocation of funding each year, young people can access a range of supports such as family mediation, counselling, family therapies and respite.

Further information can be found on our Family Reconciliation and Mediation Program page

Education and awareness

Homelessness can affect anyone, so education and awareness in the community is an important step towards prevention.

By raising awareness and promoting the support that’s available, we hope to stop the cycle in its tracks and intervene sooner.

Education sessions with Frontyard

Frontyard Youth Services is a 24-hour crisis accommodation centre in the CBD offering trauma-informed support to people aged 12 to 25.

Passionate about raising awareness, Frontyard works with schools to educate students on homelessness.

School groups are welcome to organise an education session with Frontyard where they learn about the reality of homelessness for young people in Melbourne.  

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