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Virtual delivery for early childhood intervention services

Early Childhood Intervention Services and telehealth 18 August 2020

Our Early Childhood Intervention Service provides assistive services to young children of up to seven years of age who have a developmental disability or delay.

Our wonderful range of early intervention support services are led by a passionate team who work to support children with a disability to reach their fullest potential.

By creating an empowered family support network and through adjusting the child’s environment, we provide a safe and secure environment for a child to build stronger relationships and develop essential living skills. Our program assists children in being able to explore, develop, and grow as individuals. 

What childhood disability services do we offer? 

As an NDIS provider, MCM offers a range of Early Child Intervention Services that allow families to design their service that fits within their family structure and aligns with their child’s developmental goals. 

  • Early Childhood Education: our education specialists have specific experience in supporting children with disability or developmental delay to participate at school
  • Child Occupational Therapy: our occupational therapists support children in achieving key developmental milestones
  • Speech Pathology Services: speech therapy assists children who experience speech and/or language difficulties, issues with their voice, stutters or problems swallowing.

How has COVID-19 affected the ECIS program? 

Although we have had to quickly adapt our learning environments to deliver our services online, our early childhood intervention services is still operating and thriving, and our dedication to supporting the families within our program remains unchanged. 

We have shifted our focus to working alongside families on finding a new routine in these uncertain times, such as supporting the transition to telehealth services and home schooling. Telehealth has rather allowed for families to be more engaged in services, with travel and geographical restraints no longer affecting access to service. 

Regarding outcomes of the children involved with our service, we have seen many are able to remain engaged in virtual sessions, and early anecdotal information suggests that we are receiving similar skill development and outcome with telehealth than in face-to-face environments. 

While supporting your child, we’re also here for you and your whole family.

Find out more about how our Early Childhood Intervention Team can assist you.

*this story was originally published in Third Sector on July 30, 2020.

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