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Celebrating women in leadership at MCM

Sally Lasslett, Principal of Hester Hornbrook Academy 8 March 2021

International Women's Day is on March 8. The day calls for the full and effective participation and decision-making of women and girls in public life, the end of violence, achieving of equality, and the empowerment of all women.

The UN theme for IWD2021 is "Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world," recognising that women have stood at the front lines as health care workers, caregivers, innovators and community organisers and have been some of the most effective leaders in responding to the pandemic.
Here at MCM and The Hester Hornbrook Academy, we have been fortunate to have many women leaders across the organisation who have contributed enormous amounts over the past year to help us not only survive but thrive.

Over the next week, we will be interviewing some of these leaders and asking them their thoughts about gender equality, leadership, and the women that they are inspired by. First up is Sally Lasslett Principal at The Hester Hornbrook Academy.

Sally Lasslett, Principal The Hester Hornbrook Academy

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

This is a day to celebrate the achievement of women. As a woman in leadership it is important for me to model the fact that women can achieve anything. We can help each other to break the cycle of poverty, violence and ensure that global inequality is recognised and understood by all.

Which women are you inspired by and why?

Michelle Obama inspires me. She leads with style and grace. She has used her position with humility to ensure she improves the health and wellbeing of her community. She has been a role model for her community and has shown that women can achieve anything.

What taboos related to the theme of women do you wish were broken?

As a full time working mother I would like people to know that you can, if you try hard enough, lead in your area of expertise and manage to be a wonderful mum and role model to your children.

What other women in your team or across MCM and HHA do you find inspiring?

All women inspire me. We all face our own challenges, hardship and barriers.  But every day we continue to show the way, look after our families, be good friends and support those around us to be their very best.  The young women that I work with at HHA are the best examples of this.

What more could Australia be doing to create equal opportunities for women?

Until women are safe in their own homes, walking on our streets or at their place of work/education or the like, we can never claim as Australians to be doing enough to create equality for our women.

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