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Fundraise for us

Are you ready to help us create positive change?

Our services wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of generous donors and fundraisers in the community. Thanks to people like you, we're able to raise awareness and vital funds for our range of services.

Fundraising for us, to help change the lives of Victorians living in disadvantage, is simple. 

Just follow these three steps:

Step 1 — Choose how you'd like to raise money

You can do pretty much anything to raise money to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in your local community. We encourage those whacky and unique fundraising ideas, so get your creative juices flowing and start brainstorming fun activities.

Here are some easy fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Do a fun run or run a marathon.
  • Ask people to make a donation instead of giving you a gift for a special event.
  • Dye your hair — highest bidder decides the colour!
  • Take part in a PJ Day where you wear your PJs to work, school or uni.
  • Sleep out overnight with a group of friends or family and experience what it might be like to be homeless for a night.
  • Hold a morning or afternoon tea.
  • Put together an art exhibition.
  • Run a benefit gig or performance
  • Host a karaoke night and charge a fee at the door.
  • Hold a fashion show.
  • Cook up a storm with a sausage sizzle.
  • Host a movie night — highest bidder gets to decide the movies you watch.
  • Run a team building challenge at work.
  • Challenge your friends to a trivia night.
  • Hold a gala dinner or ball.

Don’t forget, fundraising can be a group effort and be held at your work, community group, uni or school.

Step 2 — Let us know what you've got planned

If you’re planning fundraising events or activities for us, you will need to register your activity with us. That way we can be sure that the event fits our values at MCM.

We can also provide you with our logo if you’d like to advertise your event with posters/social media etc.

Register your event


Download our Deductible Gift Recipient status letter from the ATO

Step 3 — Start fundraising

To inspire people to donate, you may want to share some real-life stories of people who have benefited from our services.

Online donations

The easiest way to fundraise for us is to set up an online fundraising page.

Once your fundraising page is set up, email the link to your contacts and ask them to donate. You can also share the link to your fundraising page on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Remember to include some information on what you're doing and why people should support you and MCM's work in Victorian communities.

Start a fundraiser


Cash donations

If you receive a cash donation as part of your fundraising campaign, please keep the cash safe and deposit it into our bank account as soon as possible — within seven days is best.

There are a few ways of doing this:

  • Use your credit card to donate the cash amount via our website.
  • Deposit the amount to our bank account. Contact us for our account details.

If you didn't register your event with us because you were taking part in an organised event, or other reason, please use your credit card to make an online donation of the cash amount.

When you let us know that you've made a deposit, we'll send you a receipt.

Step 4 — Thank your supporters

We're sure your supporters would love to hear how much was raised and what their funds will go towards.

The way you choose to thank your sponsors is totally up to you, it could be in person, a card, an email or a quick speech at the end of your event or something else entirely.

For further support in your fundraising efforts or for further information

Please email the Fundraising Team or call us on 1300 364 507.

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