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Young boy, client of ECIS, sitting on his mum's lap

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Therapy-based supports for children with developmental delay and disability aged 0-7 years.

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  • Access therapy to support your child's development.
  • Available for children from birth to 7 years.
  • Key Worker model from your home, early learning centre, kinder, school, or you can visit one of our centres.
  • Centres in Brunswick, Braybrook, Doreen, Mill Park or Greensborough.
  • Telepractice also available throughout Victoria.

About Early Childhood Intervention Services

Discovering your child has a disability or developmental delay can be an overwhelming experience. Early intervention support services from MCM offers your family assistance every step of the way.

We support children to reach their potential by:

  • Empowering family members and a child’s support network
  • Adjusting a child’s environment to ensure they are set up for success
  • Creating a safe and secure environment for a child to explore, develop, and grow.

These changes enable to progress on small goals, which leads to achievement of larger goals. We aim for the children we work with to build stronger relationships, develop essential living skills, engage in lifelong learning, and participate equally in community activities.

What is a Key Worker?

At MCM ECIS, we deliver early intervention support through a Key Worker approach. When you work with us,  one of our experienced occupational therapists, speech pathologists, educational specialists or psychologists will be your main therapist. This is your Key Worker. You will be matched with a Key Worker based on your child’s goals.

Your Key Worker will:

  • help you prioritise goals
  • implement strategies to assist in meeting your child’s goals
  • add therapy techniques into your daily routines
  • build your skills to best support your child
  • be responsive to your family needs
  • collaborate with other therapists and professionals
  • support you to understand your NDIS plan.
  • assist with school readiness and transition.

We will also use information gathered from other professionals who know your child, including teachers, psychologists, doctors and other members of your child’s team to formulate a complete picture.

Family support means we’re here for you, too

While supporting your child, we’re also here for you and your whole family. We work alongside you to grow your skills, knowledge and confidence so you can support your child’s development, everyday activities and family routines.

We offer a range of support groups for parents and joint parent and child groups to foster the development of skills and communication.

Access to NDIS Early Intervention Services

We work in the heart of local communities across northern and western Melbourne and we’re growing every day. Telepractice services are provided throughout Victoria.

Our services are based at our offices and child care centres in Brunswick, Braybrook, Doreen, Greensborough and Mill Park.  

You can access an ECIS program if your child has funding through:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Department of Education and Training (DET)

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