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Who we work with at Melbourne City Mission

Palliative Care nurses on the frontline

While so many of us are protecting our elderly and vulnerable people by keeping our distance, nurses like Anne Myers are on the frontline, ensuring those in palliative care receive the dignity and care they deserve.

Palliative Care nurses on the frontline

Having been a palliative care nurse with Melbourne City Mission for 14 years, Anne has been there to support many families through their most devastating moments.

But she said coronavirus has made an already heartbreaking situation even more difficult.

"It is bringing in extra ethical and moral decisions for people — what's the best thing to do for a loved one?

“Like hospitals, visiting times in all palliative care units across the country have been reduced to the bare minimum. One visitor per day for one hour … [it’s] heartbreaking.”

Still, Anne and her colleagues do everything they can to make sure people receiving palliative care always experience warmth and connection. Whether it’s reading out messages from their family members, reading a book aloud or simply listening to their stories, Anne isn’t just a nurse providing critical medical care — she is a friend too.

“Anne is just the greatest. Her company keeps me going each day”.


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