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School Focused Youth Service

Creating connections to foster re-engagement with learning.

Call us 0438 848 029


  • Support is available for students from Year 5 to 12 who are attending school but are showing signs of disengaging.
  • We offer group-based activities to promote engagement.
  • We provide staff with the tools they need to respond to disengagement

School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) works in partnership with local schools, education agencies and community services.

It supports students in Years 5 to 12 who require additional help with their learning, development, health and wellbeing.

We focus on creating and strengthening local connections for schools by providing opportunities for networking and relationship building between schools and local agencies.

Where do we provide support?

SFYS is available to students in schools in:

  • City of Maribyrnong
  • City of Brimbank
  • City of Melton

We can work alongside your school to develop, implement and evaluate sustainable early intervention initiatives focused on improving the overall connectedness and educational engagement of students.

Our team creates hands-on programs to support students’ emotional literacy, communication skills, confidence and creativity. We work with staff to give them the tools they need to notice signs of disengagement sooner and respond appropriately and effectively.

SFYS has worked with schools to implement many different programs, including:

  • African drumming
  • martial arts therapy
  • authentic building projects
  • anxiety and anger management
  • engaging literacy projects

Each of the programs brings its own benefits, but the scope of our work with schools is not limited to these. We work with each school to ensure that we put a program in place that will work best for both students and staff.

Please note: SFYS is not a brokerage service and does not provide individual case management support.

How to access School Focused Youth Service

Please call us on 0438 848 029. Our team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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