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Paws up for Hester Hornbrook Academy's latest recruit

Therapy dog at The Hester Hornbrook Academy 23 March 2021

There's always great excitement when a new member of staff arrives on the scene, and never more so than when that staff member is a therapy dog! The Hester Hornbrook Academy recently welcomed Cavoodle Teddy to their ranks. We got the scoop on Teddy via a chat with his Therapy Handler and Connect Youth Outreach Education Case Worker Evita Lopez.

Two HHA staff with dog.
HHA staff cuddle Therapy Dog.

What are Teddy’s main role responsibilities?

Teddy’s main responsibilities are greeting and spending time with our students, in whatever capacity they would like. Teddy loves being involved in class brain breaks and sharing classroom spaces. You can see Teddy in his element when our students give him hugs and cuddles (and the occasional piece of ham from their toasties).

Who does Teddy report to?

His Therapy Handler and owner, Evita (although she believes he’s way more responsive and more compliant with the students' requests!).

What are Teddy’s credentials?

Teddy is a certified Therapy Dog. Teddy is currently working alongside Evita to complete further training so that he can pass advanced certification in June. This will mean that Teddy won’t need his halter (lead) on when he’s at The Hester Hornbrook Academy and can roam freely with students. Advanced training is quite challenging so Teddy and Evita are working weekly with external trainers to ensure they both learn what is required to pass the assessments.

Is Teddy an all campus therapy dog?

Teddy works across all three campuses, however times and days vary depending on what events are happening at each campus. Teddy loves being in class with our students. Prior to working at the school Teddy used to fear the car and had to be bribed or carried in, however now that he associates his halter and jacket with attending The Hester Hornbrook Academy Teddy happily jumps in the car (which is amazing for Evita).

What are Teddy’s likes and dislikes?

Teddy sulks when he isn’t getting attention, however, this is a rarity. There isn’t a lot that Teddy dislikes. Teddy loves food (he will show you all his tricks for food) and other dogs.

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