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Living with an ABI

Choose your road for the future.

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  • Learn and relearn skills you might have lost due to your injury.
  • Rebuild your confidence and social connections.

Join our acquired brain injury support group

Experiencing an acquired brain injury (ABI) can send your life in a whole new direction. It can be sudden, happen to anyone and it can impact your life and those around you in many ways.

MCM’s Compass program is a support group run by and for people with an ABI. The group offers support for you to choose how you’d like to live your life. Through Compass, you can connect with other people who know what it’s like to live with an ABI and learn from and support each other.

With the support of staff and other members, you can:

  • gain practical skills in managing day-to-day life
  • build your confidence and make social connections
  • prepare for returning to work
  • build new skills in hospitality, business and gardening
  • develop resources to assist other people living with an ABI
  • support Compass operations by making newsletters, maintaining the member database and creating publications.

Compass is based in Melbourne’s inner-northern suburbs at our Thornbury site.

Can I join?

You can join our acquired brain injury program if:

  • you are an adult living with an ABI
  • you would like to meet and support other people with an ABI
  • you can take part in activities at least once a week
  • you can travel to and from our site by public transport or taxi
  • you have funds available in your NDIS plan for this type of support.

How can I become a member of the support group?

Get in touch with our Central Support Team on 1800 343 287 to find out more about Compass and if it’s right for you.

Compass has helped me to accept what has happened to me, and to realise that I
still have a lot to offer society at large. It has given me the incentive to learn new skills and to come to terms with the changes in my mind/brain.

warren, member of compass

Warren wearing a baseball cap and glasses sits on front of a green hedge smiling

Warren's story

Learn from Warren’s experiences of life before and after his ABI, and how Compass supported him, in his own words.

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