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Male teenager wearing a blue shirt sitting down looking at the ground

Please donate to bring safety and hope to young people like Riley

When Riley’s parents divorced, he lived with his dad who was often violent. One day he fought back, and got kicked out of home. Riley turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. He was homeless at 20 years old. It wasn’t until Riley connected with our crisis accommodation service, Frontyard, that his life turned around. At first, he didn’t feel worthy of help. He didn’t even feel life was worth living. But with support from kind people like you – who gave him a safe place to sleep, and help to rebuild his life – Riley kicked his addiction and found himself work. Now he’s back home with his siblings and mum. Sadly, Riley is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. There are thousands of young Victorians like him who have nowhere safe to call home. They’re facing huge challenges, including family violence and a severe shortage of affordable housing. But you can help change that.

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Male teenager wearing a blue shirt sitting down looking at the ground

I couldn’t trust anyone, not even my own parents. I didn’t want to live anymore.

Riley*, 20, who became homeless after his violent dad kicked him out

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There's never a single, simple reason that someone becomes homeless, and it's not enough to just put a roof over someone's head. MCM gives people experiencing homelessness the chance to create a better life. With your help, we can provide:

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MCM is dedicated to reducing disadvantage and empowering people to live their life their own way. Our innovative way of delivering support puts people at the centre of everything we do.

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