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Brooke's story

At 17 years old, Brooke made a brave decision to flee the violence of her family home - the only 'home' she had ever known. Brooke decided that a life anywhere would be better than where she lived. And there was another pressing reason – Brooke was 5 months pregnant. She'd feared for the safety of her unborn child.

Brooke moved in with her boyfriend, Jake. He was supportive, had a stable job, and they made plans for the baby's arrival together. When neither her parents nor any other family tried to find her, Brooke concluded that she had made the right decision. Brooke lost her family and also contact with most of her friends. She trusted and solely relied on Jake to support her.

However, the initial stability turned into a whirlwind when Jake disappeared without a trace. Brooke, bewildered and alone, reached out to friends and his workplace, only to find that Jake seemed to have vanished. As her Centrelink payments fell short, Brooke had to leave what she called home, moving from one place to another and staying with acquaintances and people she met, moving from one place to another.

young woman holding her baby on a suburban street

Brooke sought support from Frontyard, our crisis service in Melbourne's CBD. She found a lifeline in Lauren, one of MCM's case workers. Lauren's immediate reassurance and support were the turning point for Brooke and Lily-belle.

Immediately, Lauren reassured Brooke that she could help provide her and Lily-belle with emergency accommodation in a safe place. She also provided her with financial support to purchase groceries, toiletries, and essential baby items such as nappies, baby wipes and clothing.

Brooke's relief in knowing she'd have safe shelter that night was palpable, and she felt immensely thankful to MCM. But Lauren gently reminded her that Brooke's initial step in reaching out to Frontyard made it all possible.

Frontyard is there to provide a personalised response, offering emergency accommodation, co-located services, and referral pathways to address the unique needs of each individual.

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What is Frontyard?

Frontyard Youth Services is a specialist youth service located in Melbourne’s CBD that works with young people 12-24 who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness. Frontyard provides an integrated service model with specialist teams supporting young people to meet their physical, emotional, and social needs to develop pathways out of homelessness.

More information about Frontyard Youth Services.

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