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Our philosophy & values

Our Purpose

We exist so that people can lead positive lives

  • We work with people at risk of poorer outcomes, and progression to greater and different forms of disadvantage
  • Our suite of services prevents and disrupts cycles of disadvantage throughout people’s lives

Our Philosophy

  • We support people onto pathways to their best future, their way
  • We reduce risk and disrupt disadvantage
  • We work to break down barriers to positive lives
  • We act urgently to make the most difference we can ‘now’

Our Values



  • We are inclusive and accepting of difference
  • We work in highly effective teams and our people are connected across our organisation
  • We engage proactively with others to deliver outcomes


  • We speak up constructively in line with our convictions
  • We pursue our goals with determination
  • We are passionate about our advocacy role


  • We are inquisitive and ask why
  • We challenge the status quo
  • We actively explore the alternatives 


  • We are transparent and have genuine, honest interactions
  • We listen and hear people’s voices
  • We value and respect the autonomy of clients
  • We trust one another


  • We act safely in all our interactions
  • We manage within our financial and resource boundaries
  • We own our outcomes and decisions
  • We are proud of the work that we do

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