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VCAL Courses

Flexible education and learning options including VCAL, VETiS & more

Our innovative model provides an abundance of choices and opportunities. Students are encouraged to pursue a unique learning journey to gain practical skills, work towards personal goals and take charge of their future.

VCAL Courses Melbourne (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning)

Our VCAL program is tailored to the individual, allowing students to explore their interests and dreams as they work towards the successful completion of their certificate. We allow students to develop the tools needed to succeed not just in further education and their chosen careers, but in every aspect of their lives.

VCAL includes Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development and Industry Specific Skills.

VET units, certificates and a dynamic wellbeing curriculum encourage students to respect, understand and value diversity, teaching cultural competency skills required to effectively navigate the 21st Century.

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)

VETis is an important component of students’ educational journey; it sets students up for success in two ways:

  • VETiS Value (hours) are a VCAL requirement. These are gained by completing Units of Competency within a chosen course. Students need a minimum VETis value score to pass their VCAL levels
  • VETiS gives students an opportunity to complete a Certificate II Qualification in their chosen course.

Our plan for 2023 is to offer the following VETiS subjects:

  • Cert II Workplace Skills (CBD)
  • Cert II Community Services (CBD)
  • Cert II Community Services (Children’s Services) (Prahran)
  • Cert II Hospitality (Sunshine)
  • Cert II Cookery (Prahran)
  • Cert II Visual Arts (South Melbourne and Sunshine)
  • Cert II Sport and Recreation (Sunshine)
  • Cert II Music Industry (South Melbourne)
  • Cert II Creative Industries (Graphic Design and Marketing) (CBD)
  • Cert II Applied Digital Technology (South Melbourne)
  • Café Ready (Prahran and Sunshine)
  • Trade Ready (Prahran and Sunshine)
  • Project Ready (Cert II Active Volunteering) (Sunshine/South Melbourne)

We deliver on site courses across our three campuses to provide students with the experience of participating in TAFE level courses, along with wellbeing and other additional supports provided by Hester Hornbrook Academy team.

Short courses

Short accredited and non-accredited courses, including the Responsible Service of Alcohol, First Aid, Barista Training and Safe Food Handling.

Practical Applied Learning Options

DJ & Music Production, STEM, Visual Arts, E-Sports and more. When you choose to finish secondary school at Hester Hornbrook Academy, there's something for every student interest.


Outreach education and workshops

Through the Connect Youth program, small, group-based workshops, outreach education and case management is provided. Hester Hornbrook Academy also helps students to access external training through TAFEs and private providers.


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