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Two weeks free Doreen childcare

Doreen 7 December 2020

Enrol your child at the MCM Early Years Hub Doreen before 31 January 2021 and receive two weeks’ free childcare

Everybody loves a discount and since our little people love coming to MCM Early Years Hub Doreen, why not share the love?

  • All new enrolments before 31 January will receive two weeks free childcare.
  • If you're an existing client of our Doreen childcare Centre and you refer a friend (i.e if one of your connections enrols their child at the Centre), we’ll thank you by giving you two weeks of your gap fees back! They’ll also receive the same great treatment, so it’s win win win!

More information about MCM Early Years Hub Doreen.

Terms and conditions

  • Enquiry must be made with MCM Early Years Hub Doreen by 31 January 2021.
  • Referrer name must be identified at time of enquiry.
  • Both new family and referrer family will have 2 weeks’ gap fees returned to them for the 25th and 26th weeks of the new family’s enrolment with MCM Early Years Hub Doreen.
  • MCM Early Years Hub Doreen existing centre terms and conditions apply.

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