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Students are aiming for 'A's' in mental wellbeing and their education

Living learning students 26 March 2021

There are young people who have been struggling at school and even falling out of education because they’re also dealing with complex mental health issues. Now, thanks to our Living Learning program, they’re getting a better shot at success in education – and life.

The Living Learning program at The Hester Hornbrook Academy is an innovative program designed to help these young people finish school. It gives them the best chance by making sure their mental health and wellbeing gets the same level of attention as their academic learning.

Students in the Living Learning program get a higher degree of support from teachers, youth workers, mental health professionals, and healthcare workers and this extra support helps students to build their mental wellbeing while they go to school.

Thanks to a unique social investment opportunity, the first Living Learning students embarked on their 3-year learning journey this year. They are now working towards their educational and wellbeing goals in an encouraging and caring environment, with plenty of support to help them on their way.

Deep and heartfelt thanks go to:

  • Gandel Philanthropy
  • Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
  • Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
  • Paul Ramsay Foundation
  • The Ross Trust

Their generous contributions have given these students their best chance at graduating, a possibility that didn’t exist for them without Living Learning.

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