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Palliative Awareness Care Week Celebrating moments that matter

Christine and Matt tell their story as part of Palliative Care Awareness Week 22 May 2019

Melbourne City Mission (MCM) is proud to join Palliative Care Victoria as a premium partner for Palliative Care Awareness Week, which runs from 19-25 May 2019.

Palliative Care Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness and build understanding of the crucial and caring support palliative care provides for people with a life-limiting illness and their families.

Around 160,000 Australians die each year and 120,000 need palliative care

While most of us will at some stage in our lives be affected by this statistic, many of us do not understand what palliative care is.

Moments That Matter

Today is the launch of the Moments That Matter campaign, which shares powerful personal stories of palliative care.

As part of the campaign, three MCM clients and carers have shared their experiences, and many of their reflections focus on the support provided by our Palliative Care service.

Christine’s story

Christine and Matt tell their story for Palliative Care Awareness WeekChristine and Matt are in their 60s and met each other nearly four years ago. Since then, both have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Christine has advanced breast cancer and Matt has Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“The Palliative Care team has seen and done so much that the ordinary person like me doesn’t know. They walk alongside and support us. They don’t take over. I can call them at any time and don’t feel like I am a burden to them.”

Watch Christine’s video on the Moments That Matter website.

Shirley’s story

Shirley tells her story for Palliative Care Awareness WeekShirley’s mother, Gwenda, died of advanced dementia in aged care. Consultancy support by specialist palliative care gave Shirley and the aged care staff the confidence and advice they needed to fulfil Gwenda’s wish to die at the aged care facility and avoid admission to hospital.

“They were brilliant. Marion (a palliative care nurse) explained what was happening physically to Mum and what to expect as her condition deteriorated, so we were fully informed. Her compassion and empathy were outstanding…. Having access to them any time, day or night, gave me the courage to stay true to Mum’s wishes.”

Read Shirley’s story on the Moments That Matter website.

John’s story

John tells his story for Palliative Care Awareness WeekJohn is 80 years old and the recently bereaved partner of Margot, his wife of almost 60 years.

Margot had renal failure and wanted to die at home. Palliative Care made it possible for John to care for Margot for eight months, and to die at home.

“The palliative care people have the right sort of humanity and pass on their expertise to the carer. They made it easier for me to care for Margot.”

Watch John’s video on the Moments That Matter website.

More information

For more stories and a range of supporting resources, visit the Moments That Matter website.

Learn more about MCM’s Palliative Care service.

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