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MCM to present at the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness

14 July 2020

Melbourne City Mission welcomes the opportunity to present its submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness at a public hearing on Tuesday 14 July 2020.

Chief Executive Officer, Vicki Sutton, will present MCM’s submission and is calling for a dedicated youth homelessness response that expands early intervention, and that delivers a coordinated response to homelessness with other systems of support including alcohol and other drugs, disability and mental health. 

Quotes attributed to MCM CEO, Vicki Sutton. 

“Without a targeted youth homelessness response, young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness face a traumatic transition into adulthood. 

“The challenges that lead a young person into homelessness are complex - family violence, mental health, abuse and neglect, discrimination and early school leaving. 

“To address youth homelessness, we need housing solutions that work for young people with integrated supports including mental health, education, employment and living skills to give young people a positive start to a future they deserve.” Ms Sutton said.  

MCM recommends five priority areas that require investment to end youth homelessness in Victoria, including:

  • A state-wide early intervention strategy into youth homelessness – ensuring all young people in Victoria can access supports before their situations escalate to crisis point 
  • A shift from a one-size-fits-all homelessness response, to develop a response specific to young people 
  • Developing a strategy to address the current inequity faced by young people in accessing various forms of housing  
  • Expansion of mental health and wellbeing supports to young people experiencing homelessness in conjunction with further challenges, including trauma and disability 
  • Pilot new and innovative housing and support models that aim to equip young people with the capabilities to successfully transition to adult independence

The Legal and Social Issues Committee of the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Council announced an inquiry into homelessness in Victoria August 2019 to examine the extent of the issue across the state, and to identify immediate ways in which the government can implement. A final report is due in late 2020. 

Vicki’s public hearing to the Legislative Legal Counsel and Social Issues Committee will commence at 2 pm on Tuesday 14 July and will be broadcast live via the Parliament of Victoria’s website.

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