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TAC L2P Learner Driver Program celebrates another successful year

Young girl puts on her seat belt 8 February 2022

Despite a few challenges and a couple of added COVID safety measures along the way, 2021 was a year of achievements for the TAC L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program.

This past year the program's amazing mentors helped 28 young people to achieve their licence. Their mentors' time and patience has meant that these young people's lives will change, as they can now access the means to travel easily to education or employment, or find joy in the freedom and adventure a license will bring.

There are also many more young people that have been steadily building their driving experience over the year, so hopefully 2022 will see more smiling, newly licensed faces.

Many new mentors joined the program in 2021. MCM and our L2P Program staff in particular, extends their thanks to everyone who stuck with our young people with every challenge that was faced.

Learn more about our TAC L2P Learner Driver. Or if you wish to volunteer your time and become a mentor to young people learning to drive, visit our volunteer section for more information.


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