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Parliamentary inquiry into homelessness calls for immediate and ongoing action

4 March 2021

With a focus on mental health, early intervention and more funding for medium to long term housing solutions to fix the state’s homelessness crisis, MCM welcomes the findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria that was tabled today.

MCM CEO, Vicki Sutton congratulated the parliamentary committee for recognising the link between mental health and homelessness and the huge role it plays for people’s experience of homelessness, especially in young people. 

“Among many recommendations for wide sweeping reform to solve Victoria’s homelessness crisis is the recognition of the crippling effects ill mental health has on young people and their experience of homelessness," Vicki said.

“We particularly welcome the recommendation for the Victorian government to invest in collaborative practice arrangements between mental health and homelessness providers.

“A joined-up model of accommodation and support under one roof will remove significant barriers to young people gaining access to appropriate mental health support when they need it most.

“A tailored response for young people will make a huge difference by empowering them to process their trauma and developing coping skills to move beyond their experience of homelessness toward greater participation in the community, in education and employment,” Vicki said.

The Parliamentary Inquiry also recommended greater investment in:

• Early intervention programs to prevent young people at risk of becoming homeless

• Programs that assist young people who are at risk of experiencing homelessness receive job readiness training and connect them with employment opportunities

• More resources and programs for young people that seek to address family conflict issues

The Victorian Government has six months to respond in writing to the recommendations made. The inquiry is public and can be found by visiting the page of the Parliament’s website.

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