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MCM Group achieves Inclusive Employer status

green background. white text. "Proud to be an inclusive employer" 6 November 2023

It’s Inclusion at Work Week (6 – 10 November) and what better way to celebrate than to share MCM’s achievement in receiving Inclusive Employer Status for 2023-2024!

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) is the lead body for diversity and inclusion research. They have been tracking the state of inclusion in the Australian workforce since 2017 through their Inclusive Employers Index, which measures progress over time in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.

All MCM Group staff were offered the opportunity to contribute to this Index through the Inclusion@Work Survey. Our Inclusive Employer achievement means MCM Group exceeded the National Index Benchmark, showing we are actively committed to diversity and inclusion.

About diversity and inclusion

Diversity refers to the mix of people and how we identify and differ, such as cultural background, age, education, gender, and profession. Inclusion is about getting this mix to work, ensuring peoples’ diversity is respected, connected, progressing, and contributing to organisational success.

Why is Inclusion at Work so important?

The Inclusion@Work Index shows that there is a strong link between inclusion at work and team performance. Organisations that are inclusive are reported to:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Be more innovative
  • Work effectively as a team
  • Drive a motivation to work harder

The MCM group are continuing their efforts in supporting workplace inclusion to ensure, as an organisation, we can grow and deliver the best possible services to our participants.

Check out the organisations that joined us in achieving Inclusive Employer status this year on the Inclusion@Work – List of Inclusive Employers.

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