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Volunteers needed: Become a live-in mentor

Blue housing icon in someone's hands 16 September 2022

Are you looking to volunteer in the Youth Support space? We are currently looking for live-in mentors in the inner North for our Lead Tenant program. If you are looking to become a positive, supportive role model for young people who would benefit from extra support, then a live-in mentor position may be right for you. Read more about this volunteer role.

What is a Lead Tenant?

The Lead Tenant program is a supported accommodation program that is part of the Community Integration Accommodation and Options (CIAO) team at MCM.

The aim of the service is to provide young people, aged 16-18 years old who are unable to live with family or friends, the opportunity to develop essential independent living skills in a safe, stable and supported environment.

The Lead Tenent is a live-in volunteer who resides in a household with young people who may present with challenging behaviours and complex issues. It is not a paid position. The opportunity to contribute to a young person’s life make the role of Lead Tenant appealing and rewarding. It is important that prospective Lead Tenants be motivated by the desire to work with young people rather than, primarily, by access to subsidised housing.

Benefits of being a live-in lead tenant volunteer:

  • Be a positive role model to young people living with you in an MCM house
  • A chance to gain practical experiences in the youth community service sector that may contribute towards future job applications and relevant education study units
  • Ongoing supervision and professional development training
  • Every young person referred to the lead tenant program has designated case workers who provide support with accommodation, advocacy, education and training
  • Lead Tenants are not required to pay rent or utilities
  • Lead Tenants are encouraged to be studying or working and to have a social life outside of the house.

It was heart-warming to see the young person grow and thrive in a program that allowed both of us to learn from each other while having a blast.

Charlie, MCM Volunteer

More information and how to apply

Visit our current Volunteer vacancies page for more information or to apply for this role.

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