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FRMP brokerage


  • FRMP brokerage is available to support young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to overcome barriers related to past and or present trauma.
  • This funding enables young people to explore options for family reconciliation, develop coping mechanisms and reconnection to culture and community.

To receive FRMP brokerage, a young person must:

  • Be aged between 16-24 years and experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.
  • Have a case plan that includes goals in relation to family reconciliation or recovery from trauma related experiences.
  • Have consented to, and be ready to engage in the specified intervention.
  • Commence the sessions within 3 months of the date of approval.
  • Not obtain any other financial support for the identified intervention.

FRMP brokerage options

Individual application

Options  Description Amount
Individual therapeutic interventions
  • It is the responsibility of the Case Manager to support the young person to attend the sessions to avoid FRMP paying for missed sessions that are costly. 
  • Funds are available for therapeutic interventions such as family therapy and individual counselling, and alternative therapies such as arts and music therapy provided by psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, family therapists, art therapists, music therapists and accredited mental health social workers.
  • The Private Practitioner must be selected from the FRMP Register.
  • It is the Case Manager’s responsibility to contact the Private Practitioner to arrange the first appointment for the client, and to follow up with FRMP and Practitioner if the client has disengaged.
Ten sessions per financial year.
Clinical assessments

1. Psychological assessment 
A standard psychological assessment typically includes evaluation of cognitive and personality characteristics, write up of results, and consultation with the practitioner. 

Standard testing covers:

  • Cognition
  • Emotional functioning
  • Behaviour
  • Executive functioning 

A standard assessment is essential for diagnosis of psychiatric conditions and effective treatment planning. 

2. Neuropsychological assessment
A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment is used when neurological problems are suspected like:

ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism-Spectrum, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, alcohol or drug related damage, brain injury or concussion, or other neurological conditions.

Neuropsychology is the unique integration of genetic, developmental, and environmental history with extensive testing data to better understand the aetiology and evolution of a disorder. 

While Standard Psych testing can diagnosis a condition like ADHD based upon behaviour, Neuropsychological testing can specify the origin, severity, and development of a disorder and then customize recommendations to create a specific treatment plan.

To understand cognitive strengths and weaknesses better, a neuropsych test further evaluates: 

  • Attention and Concentration
  • Verbal and Visual Memory
  • Auditory and Visual Processing
  • Visual-Spatial Functioning
  • Language and Reading skills
  • Sensory development and integration
  • Gross and fine motor development
  • Executive Functioning
One application per financial year in consultation with FRMP team.
Respite care

Funds or vouchers are available to assist with the living costs of a young person’s short term respite with a carer (e.g. extended family members and or family friends), while family reunification is explored. 

Please note, vouchers to go to carers only.

What FRMP will NOT fund:

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Couch surfing
  • Unsafe and inappropriate accommodation
  • Respite support for families/carers experiencing financial hardship
  • An application which does not provide a pathway to assist the young person to explore options for reconciliation or reconnection with significant others. 
Two applications per financial year ($400 per application).

Funding for group work

Group work  Funding to assist an agency to establish a Group Work program that supports young people to achieve case plan outcomes such as; exploring options for reconciliation, reconnection with significant others, culture & community.
In consultation with FRMP team. One application per financial year. 

Discretionary funding

FRMP can provide discretionary funding to assist a young person with childcare, transport and or interpreting services.

For further information

Please contact the FRMP Team by email or call 03 9977 0046.

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