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Family Reconciliation Mediation Program (FRMP)

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We assist young people to improve their relationships with family and significant others through the Family Reconciliation Mediation Program (FRMP).

This state-wide service allows young people to explore options for family reconciliation, develop coping mechanisms and reconnect to culture and community.

FRMP provides funding allocation to a range of supports including:

  • family mediation
  • respite
  • individual counselling
  • family therapies

A young person is eligible if they:

  • are experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • are aged 16 to 25 years
  • have identified in case plan that they are wanting to access family mediation or reconciliation services
  • have consented to and are ready to engage in the specified intervention

To apply for funding, please complete the relevant application form listed below

Completed forms can be emailed to the FRMP team. Note, all forms are designed to be filled electronically. No scanned copies will be accepted.

Next steps

Once an application is approved, the young person and the selected practitioner receives an email outlining the details of the allocated interventions.

Emails include the number of sessions offered and the practitioner receives additional information regarding invoicing. This process usually takes a few days.

Case workers may support their clients to arrange the initial appointment. Any following appointments can be made by the applicants themselves if they wish.

If an application is unsuccessful, applicants are contacted to discuss the possibility of re-submission.

Further information and consultation

We also provide information, training and consultation to homelessness networks, youth networks, local government and community programs to improve service delivery.

We advocate to raise awareness of the issues facing young people experiencing homelessness linked to family and community connection.

For more information, please contact 03 9977 0046.

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