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What is a neurological disability?

Learn more about the causes and effects of a neurological disability and the type of supports that are available.

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Neurological disability — sometimes referred to as neurological disorders — involves damage to the nervous system that results in some mental or bodily function loss.

This type of disability can be caused by infections, heart attacks, genetic disorders or lack of oxygen.

The effects will vary from person to person. There are times when symptoms for a person can vary depending on the day.

Those diagnosed with a neurological disability might:

  • Feel tired
  • Have trouble moving their body
  • Experience difficulty in processing information
  • Experience speech difficulties
  • Have an impaired ability to tolerate and express feelings

Support is available

MCM supports people who have a neurological disability to live the life they want. We work directly with you as well as support networks and service providers to organise the right support, answer questions and present opportunities.

To learn about our full range of services and find support that’s right for you, get in touch with us directly on 1800 343 287.

Further information on a selection of our services is detailed below.

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