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Multiple and complex needs

People with disability who have multiple and complex needs may have more than one disability.

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People with disability who have multiple and complex needs may have:

  • more than one disability
  • a disability in combination with other health conditions

Other health conditions can include chronic illness, mental health concerns or high support needs.

People who seek support from more than one service may also use this term. For example, a person may combine their disability support with specialist services or mental health support.

We’re here for you

Melbourne City Mission offers a wide range of support services for people with disability and mental illness.

No matter your needs and the complexity of your situation, we take the time to get to know you. We then assess the range of programs and services available to find the ones that can benefit you.

We see the big picture and our expert staff can help you to coordinate and manage your various support needs.

Our main goal is to help you live your life your way

A selection of our services is listed below with links to further information.

We’d also love to hear from you and have a chat about your goals, needs and the services that might be right for you.

Please get in touch by calling 1800 343 287.

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