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Intellectual disability

There are a range of intellectual disabilities that can impact the way people learn or comunicate.

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There are many types of intellectual disability, each one affecting individuals in different ways.

Some of these types include autism, down syndrome, developmental delay and Fragile X syndrome.

Causes and symptoms

The causes of these types of disabilities vary — some cases are present at birth, others may be a result of illness, infection, genetics or environmental factors.

Typically, an intellectual disability is characterised by an IQ that is below 70. People living with this type of disability experience difficulty when it comes to daily living, socialising with others, looking after themselves, communication and safety.

Support services

MCM provides intellectual disability support services throughout Melbourne.

We offer many resources for parents. We also run a series of programs for adults with intellectual disabilities who would like to develop skills and participate in the community.

Our services are about empowerment and giving everyone the opportunity to build their independence and live a life of their choosing.

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If you’d like to further discuss your needs and learn how MCM can support you with resources and services, please contact us on 1800 343 287.

A selection of services are detailed below with further information.

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