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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

ABIs are any injuries to the brain that occur after birth.

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Acquired Brain Injuries are damage that happens to the brain after birth. This damage may also be called a traumatic brain injury.

The causes of an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can include falls, stroke, infections, accidents, lack of oxygen and cancer.

ABIs can happen to people of all ages at any time and can cause temporary or permanent effects.

Effects of an ABI

The brain is essential in forming who we are and how we communicate and move. Once a traumatic injury occurs there are a variety of changes that can happen to the body. It’s common for those with an ABI to have trouble with memory, concentration, information processing and problem solving. Some people may also find it hard to talk to others and control emotions.

Brain injuries can affect a person physically, which may make it hard to move or balance.

ABI support

There are a range of acquired brain injury support services available to those living with or caring for someone with an ABI.

These services can include the coordination of supports and assistance at home.

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