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The government proclaims to be committed to ending gender-based violence

7 May 2024

If we are serious about eliminating violence against women, we need to stop violence experienced by children and we need to deliver real actions to support their safety and recovery needs.

child building blocks

Youth Homelessness Requires Dedicated Resourcing

24 April 2024

The negative impacts that youth homelessness brings to bear on young children and young parents is a critical issue that demands more attention.

Werribee opening

New Werribee Property Opens Doors for Young People

4 April 2024

Since 2021 MCM Housing has worked with young people and local communities to design, develop, and construct their first two properties.


Existing funds could help young people experiencing homelessness

28 March 2024

An additional 2,090 homes housing more than 4,000 young people experiencing homelessness could be built by drawing on $1 billion already set aside by the Commonwealth.

young person with a backpack and pillow in a park. text: fix housing for young people in Australia. home time logo

Home Time: Fix housing for young people

15 March 2024

National coalition of community organisations calls on the Federal Government to ‘fix housing for young people’ as data reveals 44% still homeless after support

Renae, Sean, AFLW Sleep at the 'G

We Have The Power: MCM launched Sleep At The 'G 2024 to address youth homelessness

29 February 2024

Now in its 11th year, the highly anticipated MCM Sleep At The 'G event, launched at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on 29 February, is set to take place on Thursday, 16 May.

2 profile cutouts with housing shapes cut from the profiles

Failure to deliver 500 housing places is hurting young people

26 February 2024

House prices and unaffordable and rental costs are increasingly out of reach for young people, placing them at the pinnacle of risk in mental illness and homelessness

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