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Atrium Housing and Support Program

The Atrium Housing and Support Program (AHSP) is a Corrections Victoria Initiative

The program supports people by providing a supported pathway and housing while they are on bail. It's managed 24/7 with programs and service referrals delivered according to individual needs.

These services may include:

  • mental health support
  • drug and alcohol services, and;
  • assistance with finding employment and housing.

Supported pathways are tailored to each participant and give the courts a surety that the clients will be released into transitional housing complete with quality care.

Further case support, and alcohol and drug programs can be provided for up to 5 months until a client's sentencing hearing. In some instances post-sentencing assistance can also be provided. 

Aim of the program

The aim of the program is to steer people back onto the right path, and assist them to contribute to society.

We achieve this by stabilising housing and providing opportunities to build confidence, enhance skills and overcome personal obstacles with expert support.

We support participants by:

  • providing an environment that promotes stabilisation and rehabilitation
  • building each participant’s capacity and resilience to self-manage their own needs
  • providing an alternative housing pathway to improve bail access for eligible people
  • assisting people to comply with their bail conditions

Eligibility criteria

AHSP is available for people who are:

  • currently being considered for bail at Melbourne Magistrates Court for a low tariff offence
  • struggling to obtain bail due to lack of appropriate housing, concurrent offending or alcohol or drug abuse
  • willing to be involved in the program
  • willing to engage in alcohol and other drug counselling if needed
  • not currently experiencing active psychosis
  • not looking at bail conditions that would obstruct our ability to deliver the program effectively

For further information

For more information on the Atrium Housing and Support, please contact your the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) located in your local court.

Alternatively, contact the Melbourne Magistrates Court on the details below:

Court Integrated Services Program (CISP), Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Level 4, 233 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: 03 9628 7975 or 03 9628 7936

Fax: 03 9628 7976

GPO Box 882 Melbourne VIC 3001

Sunshine Magistrates' Court

10 Foundry Road, Sunshine VIC 3020

Tel: 03 9300 6212

Fax: 03 9300 6289

GPO Box 435, Sunshine VIC 3020

Latrobe Valley Magistrates' Court

134 Commercial Road, Morwell VIC 3840

Tel: 03 5116 5302

Fax: 03 5116 5235

GPO Box 687, Morwell VIC 3840


Mildura Magistrates' Court

56 Deakin Avenue, Mildura Victoria 3500

Tel: 03 5021 6005

Fax: 03 5021 6010

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