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Volunteer Mentor - Ravenhall Pastoral Care Program

Position description

The Pastoral Care program will incorporate a peer network and mentoring program for those participants who have an interest in staying in touch with other men that have been released from Ravenhall.

Dependent on the religious and or spiritual needs of the individuals the Pastoral Care Coordinator will appropriately match up peers and volunteers to create the networks.

This component of the program will be reviewed and monitored over the first 6 months of the Pastoral Care program’s operation to ensure that the program is delivered at a high quality, and is appropriate.

Primary Role

The primary role of volunteers peer network is to provide friendship and companionship and has the following intended outcomes for men who participate:

  1. Improved spiritual and emotional wellbeing
  2. Participation in positive post-release support networks
  3. Successful community reintegration
  4. Reduce social isolation
  5. Reduced recidivism

Key tasks of Peer Support Network Group

  • Meet with a referred/released client
  • Provide a record of the dates of visits to the Pastoral Care Coordinator.
  • Respect the rights of men including confidentiality and privacy.
  • Exercise a duty of care at all times and exercising reasonable caution in any activities undertaken with the men.
  • Inform the Pastoral Care Coordinator if they are experiencing any difficulties with visiting.
  • Notify the Pastoral Care Coordinator of any accident or incident that occurs whilst they are visiting.
  • Notify the Pastoral Care Coordinator if they intend to cease visiting on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Inform the Pastoral Care Coordinator if they wish to stop visiting men for any reasons.

What is required

  • A commitment to building a long-term relationship with men exiting RCC
  • Maturity and reliability
  • Empathy and willing to support people without judgement
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • Ability to visit independently and as a team
  • Ability to seek advice as appropriate
  • A satisfactory Police check has been conducted


Peer Support Network Group and mentors are accountable to the Pastoral Care Coordinator. The Pastoral Care Coordinator maintains phone/email contact with peer support group. This is regular in the early stages and about three monthly, once the visiting relationship is well established.

As mentioned above, peer support group are required to complete a brief report of their journey and report back to the Pastoral Care Coordinator. These are mandatory requirements for all volunteer peer support network group.

Days & hours required

Please contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator for more details.

Who to contact

Further information and how to apply:

Please contact Luan Walker, Pastoral Care Coordinator

Phone: 0439 593 986


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