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Eddie Test Event Update

A photo showing a teacher and student 29 May 2019

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Be Well Connected Expo in Bendigo Thursday 9 May 2019 Caption

Intro to Sitecore

You can find full documentation by googling sitecore documentation (although it may speak to components which are not fully hooked up - the same way you could search for all the different Wordpress plugins and they won’t necessarily be working for your installation of Wordpress)

  • You can also find your full CMS guide videos on your private youtube channel (Amanda has logins)

Talk about the general content areas of sitecore and tools

How to Create, Edit and Publish Jobs

Ability for HR team to log in, create, edit, publish, delete jobs, unpublish including for future date (including ability to upload documents for position descriptions.


Event details

29/5/2019 to 29/5/2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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