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Some young children play together with their female teacher outside in a sand pit

About Laurimar Kindergarten


  • We offer play-based 3 and 4-year-old programs promoting learning, curiosity and high self-esteem.
  • We are part of the Laurimar Community Activity Centre, co-located with a range of support services in the City of Whittlesea.
  • Active and supportive parent group is available.

Our philosophy

We believe that play is the most appropriate method for teaching children attending our centre.

Play-based programs are developed on a sound knowledge of child development and a strong belief that children have a natural curiosity. This curiosity enables them to learn through exploration of their environment.

As educators, we’re responsible for supporting each child’s learning journey.

We offer families in the City of Whittlesea a kindergarten that provides a stimulating environment where children can develop their knowledge.

Quality support for every child

At our centre, it’s important each child feels nurtured, safe and respected in their learning environment.

That’s why at Laurimar, we promote high self-esteem and aim to involve all parents in the development of programs.

This helps us make sure our programs not only support the needs of the children but also their families and the wider community.

Our staff

All our staff are qualified and experienced in planning and implementing high-quality early childhood education programs.

Our teachers are committed to improving their skills and knowledge and keep updated on the latest changes in the child care sector.

Ongoing reflection and evaluation allow our staff to offer the best opportunities for the children they teach.

Parent group

We have a parent group that assists in a range of areas related to child care and learning. These include parent liaison, fundraising and general maintenance.

Laurimar Community Activity Centre

Laurimar Kindergarten is part of the Laurimar Community Activity Centre, which houses many different facilities including:

  • Community playgroups
  • Early Childhood Intervention Services
  • Maternal and Child Health Centre with consulting rooms
  • Hall and facilities for function hire
  • A Community Development Officer who works to identify and develop various programs for community benefit, such as youth and adult programs.

To view the kindergarten facilities, please contact the centre on 03 9717 8056.

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