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Cancelling a scheduled support

We will, whenever possible, give you 48 hours’ notice if for any reason your scheduled support cannot be provided in the agreed way or at the agreed time (for example, if your allocated worker is sick). If this is not possible, we will notify you as soon as we become aware of a scheduling issue.

You are requested to contact our Central Support Team on 1800 343 287 in advance if you are unable to attend a scheduled support appointment.

Whenever possible please provide 2 business days’ notice. Our business days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If you do not provide 2 business days’ notice, we will apply the rules for short notice cancellations as per the NDIS Price Guide, which are summarised as follows.

A cancellation is a short notice cancellation if the participant:

Short-notice cancellations will be charged at 90% of the cost of the scheduled appointment. 

Further details are available on the NDIS website at 

If you wish to permanently change or stop receiving support service(s), you must tell us in advance. See Ending this agreement below.

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