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No one should be left behind in a crisis

Melbourne City Mission Tax Appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it, and in ways we would never have imagined possible just a few short months ago. These are stressful times for all of us, and we are all impacted in one way or another. Experiencing feelings of uncertainty about the future, relentless anxiety and concern, and missing connection with friends and family are just some of our concerns. But we feel reassured that this won’t last forever. 

Yet this is what more than 6,000 young people experiencing homelessness battle with every day.

Experiencing homelessness is lonely, it’s isolating, and for many young people, they can’t see a way out. Their reality will continue long after this crisis is over, unless they receive our support. 

Our largest fundraising event of the year, Sleep At The 'G, is cancelled due to COVID-19, and now more than ever we need your support. You can provide a safe and secure place for young people to sleep and give them a chance at making something of their future, to break the cycle of homelessness for good. Find out more.


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